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As a hunter it is important to stay hup to date with the latest hunting information and one way to do this is by reading a variety of hunting magazines. Hunter shown wearing Mathews Lost Camo.

Hunting magazines are a great resource for hunters because it will keep you up to date with valueable information. Below is a selection of hunting magazines that focus on a variety of different topics including bowhunting, whitetail deer, fish, hunting dogs, firearms, waterfowl and more. There are lots of great hunting magazines available that can offer you some great hunting tips.


American Handgunner

American Handgunner

Celebrating 25 years as America's favorite handgun magazine, every issue of American Handgunner provides the latest on handguns, training, competition, accessories and more in a tell-it-like-it-is style you won't find anywhere else. American HandGunner is the magazine written for handgun hunters, collectors, and hobbyists. Each issue gives you helpful reviews of the latest equipment, tips on hunting, combat shooting, and self-defense, and interesting articles on collecting and pistolsmithing. Also featured are fascinating interviews and personality profiles.


Blackpowder Guns & Hunting

Blackpowder Guns and Hunting

Black Powder Guns & Hunting is the foremost authority on muzzleloaders. Blackpowder Guns & Hunting Magazine was started out of a passion to shoot blackpowder verses other more conventional means. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, muzzleloading presents all sorts of new challenges and problems verses more conventional means. You have to be better than the average hunter due to the nature of the one shot limitations of muzzleloading. Learn from Blackpowder Guns & Hunting Magazine, your premiere guide to muzzleloading guns and hunting.


Bow and Arrow Hunting

Bow and Arrow Hunting

Bow & Arrow Hunting focuses on woods and big game hunting. Each issue provides coverage of new hunting products, technical articles, and hunting features. A Bow & Arrow Hunting subscription is written and edited for those interested in the various types of archery. This is a guide to the world of bowhunting. Whether it is deer hunting, boar hunting, bear hunting, elk hunting or other game you're after, each issue is full of advice on hunting equipment, destinations, placing and building tree stands, and other tips to help you hone your skills and bring home the bounty. The Bow & Arrow subscription concentrates on bowhunting, special bow reports, and the techniques of hunting.


Bowhunter Magazine

Bowhunter Magazine

Bowhunter Magazine provides bowhunting adventures in pursuit of the world's most popular game seasoned with the latest advice on how to get the most from bowhunting tackle and techniques. A Bowhunter Magazine subscription gives out tips on the best bowhunting locations in North America. Bowhunter Magazine gives you the insights to the hottest new bowhunting products on the market and an insider's understanding of various bowhunting topics. The Bowhunter Magazine subscription editorial focus is on hunting archers, conservationists and outdoorsmen, plus, the general section of this magazine deals with bowhunting basics and news of bowhunting organizations and activities.


Bowhunting World

Bowhunting World

Bowhunting World is the authority on archery hunting and archery equipment. Each issue of Bowhunting World is jam packed with bowhunting equipment reviews and bowhunting tips that will benefit the expert archer as well as the first timer. The Bowhunting World subscription is heralded as the "very best archery hunting magazine possible". The goal of Bowhunting World is to help archery hunters get the most from their bowhunting escapades. Each issue of Bowhunting World provides the latest advice on how to use bowhunting tackle and techniques, tips on the best bowhunting locations in North America, and reviews of new bowhunting products. A Bowhunting World subscription delivers riveting hunting stories, coverage of issues important to bowhunters and an insider's understanding of the pursuit of the world's most popular game animals. In every issue of your Bowhunting World subscription, readers will enjoy features, columns, and essays that portray the bowhunting experience from experts in the field.




America's No. 1 whitetail deer hunting magazine. Reader driven, offering trophy buck exclusives, gear reports, proven how-to tactics, deer management perspectives, youth deer hunting info, and more. All whitetail. No bull. For the serious sportsman, Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine is the largest deep hunting publication in North America. Buckmasters is mailed to members of Buckmasters in the United States and Canada six times per year. This publication appeals to new hunters, non-hunters, and active hunters. Advertisers have the opportunity to do on-page advertising as well as an insert into the publication.


Field and Stream

Field and Stream Magazine


America's #1 sportsman magazine, Field and Stream Magazine, features in-depth articles on hunting, fishing and conservation news. First-Class fiction, and more. Field and Stream Magazine...editorial excellence for over 100 years. True outdoor enthusiasts jump at the chance to read Field and Stream Magazine, a leader in the outdoor sports realm. America's No.1 sportsman magazine, published for over 100 years, you'll be pleased with the editorial excellence you'll get in every issue including first-class fiction and must-reads on the outdoors.


Fur Fish and Game

Fur Fish and Game

Since 1925, Fur Fish and Game has been highly acclaimed as the magazine for practical outdoorsmen. It covers the widest variety of outdoor pursuits. In addition to hunting, trapping and fishing, Fur Fish and Game publishes first-person accounts of wilderness survival, adventure, and everyday life in the bush.


Gray's Sporting Journal

Gary's Sporting Journal

Gary's Sporting Journal offers upscale hunting & fishing information with an emphasis on literature & art. Gray's Sporting Journal more than just a publication. It's an experience. Gray's Sporting Journal has a reputation as an exhilarating, compelling and beautiful publication. More than just a how-to hunting and fishing handbook, Gray's Sporting Journal provides the reader with a deep personal satisfaction of the sporting experience through its absorbing literature, exciting photographic essays and fine sporting and wildlife art.


Gun Dog

Gun Dog

Gun Dog is North America's only magazine devoted totally and exclusively to the world of upland bird and waterfowl hunters and their dogs. Gun Dog is edited for the serious upland bird hunter and waterfowl hunters who are enthusiasts of the popular pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds of hunting dogs. Gun Dog has been named Magazine of the Year nine times in the last fourteen years by the Dog Writers Association of America, Gun Dog features columns and articles by top outdoor writers and gun dog authorities.


Gun Digest

Gun Digest

Gun Digest is the No. 1 source for firearms pricing information and up-to-the-minute gun-industry news. The country's top firearms experts provide authoratative information on shooting, collecting, gunsmithing, and history in every bi-weekly issue. Color features take readers to top wing-shooting destinations and update them on happenings throughout the firearms industry. The nation's leading indexed firearms paper, Gun DIgest is a nationwide marketplace for buyers and sellers of new, used and antique firearms containing thousands of classified word ads, organized alphabetically, from collectors all over the world. Hundreds of gun show and knife show listings are included to help readers schedule their show attendance over the upcoming two months.




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